Video – N-Joi – Anthem [HQ]

Musicvideo – N-Joi – Anthem [HQ]
Here’s the anticipated huge dance anthem from British dance production act N-Joi who had their only hit „Anthem“ in the winter of 1990 and spring of 1991, which despite entering the U.K. Singles Chart, but despite entering at number 45 in its original release and re-entered the chart in April 1991 at number 6, after becoming a huge hit played in night clubs.

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April 29, 2016 at 04:43PM

Video – Marquis Hawkes „Fantasy“ – Boiler Room Debuts

Musicvideo – Marquis Hawkes „Fantasy“ – Boiler Room Debuts
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Marquis Hawkes is back on Houndstooth with a considerable punch, ladies and gents. After a string of tuff-as-nail releases on the imprint — including Sweet and Raw Materials — his debut album is now complete.

Social Housing, as you’ll soon learn, is an ode not-for-profit, association-managed social housing in Berlin; a system that us Brits could learn a thing or two from, but that’s another matter. „Fantasy“ does exactly what it says on the tin, providing the sonic equivalent of someplace euphoric and sun-splashed during mid-August.

Although firmly four-to-the-floor territory, the funk and disco influences are hard to ignore here. Cascading hi-hats, shiny arp work and detuned trumpet blares all coalesce to make this a real jam. That and those chopped-up vocals that Todd Edwards would appreciate.

This is very much Hawkes‘ own though; soulful and jacking in all the right amounts, and part of a project that’s been two years in the making. It comes complete with artwork that’s as thought out and auroral. Drawn from a photo taken by Hawkes’ wife in East Berlin, Alan Oldham’s (aka DJ T-1000) visual accompaniment is spot on.

Marquis Hawkes‘ debut album arrives on June 10 2016. Sooth your ears with „Fantasy“ until then.

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April 12, 2016 at 10:01AM