Live Funk Beach Mixtape by Fluttert by Bakermat

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1. Funky Vodka (Original Mix) – TJR
2. Must Be The Music (Crazibiza Remix) – Joey Negro
3. Move Your Body (Tommie Sunshine Remix) – Northbrook
4. Nuggetz (Richard Grey Mix) – House Republic
5. Love Trip (David Jones Remix) – Oliver Twizt
6. International Style (Extended Version) – Real el Canario
7. Gimme Gimme (Original Mix) – Louis la Roche
8. Let’s Party (Original Mix) – Truelove
9. Pum Back (Radio Version) – Tradelove
10. Spunky Shades (Frederico Scavo Remix) – Avon Stringer
11. Number One (Original Mix) – Gramophonedzie
12. Emotions (Original Mix) – Alex Kenji, David Jones
13. Lady (Frederico Scavo Remix) – Richard Grey
14. Love Story vs Finally (Tim Deluxe Vocal Mix) – Layo & Bushwaka

Was recorded live, so not completely flawless! Enjoy

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